Earth Tones

Earth Tones

Colour has gone all grown-up with luxurious earthly shades. The domestic abode is now elevating itself to a higher plain with confident tones.

At the turn of the Millennium when New Nordic design was in its infancy, pop colours ruled the roost. Today Instagram feeds tend to be dominated by monotone or neutral palettes for home interiors, but there is a growing trend for colour that is becoming more noticeable; earth tones. This time colour has gone all grown-up and subtle shades are now the bywords of confident luxury. We thought we'd just share a few of our favourite products which have an extensive colour range, ideal for creating your own tonal abode.

Menu's new Harbour Chair (pictured above and below) joins a very crowded market of shell chairs; a category invented by the Charles and Ray Eames Plastic Chairs back in the 1950's. Every modern furniture manufacturer feels the need to create a product in this style, as it is very useful and very commercially successful - The problem is how to make it different. The shape is somewhat defined by comfort and so a curvaceous figure-hugging silhouette is a given. For their shell chair, Menu have differentiated themselves with a very sophisticated colour palette including olive, khaki and burnt red. All look fantastic paired with the option of smoked oak legs.


Menu Harbour Chair

These sophisticated colour and material pairings also follow into Menu's accessories. The Bottle Grinder is essentially a salt/pepper mill but it can potentially be used for grinding other herbs & spices. Its unique feature is the upwards facing grinding mechanism - so no more salt laden surfaces. It also features a huge capacity and a neat grain size selector at a turn of the wooden wheel at the top. The product is becoming something of a modern classic and the same design is now available in a myriad of tones. The latest incarnation pairs a solid walnut wood top with greys, earthy terracotta and mediterranean greens. 


Menu Bottle Grinders

Green and Red Granite planters by Conpot London/From the Land

From The Land's 'Conpot' range of concrete based planters is also produced in this natural colour palette. FTL's designs are a journey around the UK's rich strata, sourcing raw material and crafting objects which capture the diverse palette of the landscape. A mixture of pigments and rougher aggregates are added to the concrete mix to create colour and texture. Joining the original shades of white and grey are now green granites from the Brecon Beacons in Wales and red granite from the Scottish Highlands.


Élémentaire chair family by HAY

Almost certainly inspired by their recent collaboration with IKEA for the Ypperlig collection, HAY have created the Élémentaire chair. Injection moulded from a single shot of liquid polypropylene, the chair fulfils the basic balance of beauty and strength. - Élémentaire uses the latest technology to create a chair that is robust enough to be a longlasting object while still appearing delicate. Advances in the material now allow it to be UV resistant, which means the chairs can leave the kitchen and also become a permanent fixture in your outdoor space.


Crinkle Blanket in Peach by HAY

Loft Barstool by Muuto

If there is one colour of the moment, it has to be terracotta. It's a very natural development as brownish reds complement shades of green with ease and the combination of terracotta pots with plants is well-trodden. The word comes from the Latin terra cocta meaning 'baked earth' - as a pot is literally fired clay. As more and more of us encourage a little bit of nature inside with plants, the tone has become a good choice for both surfaces and furniture. Danish brand Muuto are well aware of the advantages in creating a range in the same colour. Their terracotta tones can be found across lighting, shelving, and furniture like the Loft Barstool pictured above.


Iittala Aalto Vase

As a material, glass can almost seem elemental, after all it is simply sand with heat applied. And nothing quite displays the ethereal beauty of glass like an Alvar Aalto vase from Iittala. Inspired by the lakes of Finland it's undulating shape plays with colour and light, utilising varying thicknesses and layering. This instant design classic now comes in seven sizes and eleven colours: Options like 'Moss', 'Desert' and 'Rain' are clearly inspired by nature and would be our choice for an enduring piece that stays in vogue.

Colour can be a profoundly personal choice and with it a daunting decision - It's why many of us shy away and opt for shades of grey instead. However at Really Well Made we believe it can make your home a much more relaxing and enjoyable space. Ultimately we think you should take a leap of faith and invest in some sophisticated earth tone furniture and accessories. We would say that though...

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