RWM Showroom

RWM Showroom

We cordially invite you to come and visit the new Really Well Made showroom. Here you will find a growing collection of our newest and most popular classic products to experience and enjoy in person.

We're very pleased to announce that a permanent space for Really Well Made furniture and homewares is now ready for visitors! We have sectioned off an area in our Battersea warehouse to display our latest products and accessories, which will be updated seasonally and as new items arrive in stock. Come and visit us from 09:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday, or make an appointment if you wish to see us on a Saturday.

Being based in London our space is bijou, but we will endeavour to show as many products as is possible within our small showroom. Below are a few of the first items and designs we have chosen to showcase.

Really Well Made Showroom - HAY Copenhague Deux Table and Mags Soft Sofa.

Our most popular dining table by some stretch is the HAY CPH Deux 210. Designed to make the most of compact spaces, the table is ideally suited to city-living. Typically rectangular dining tables are 90 cm wide, by scaling down to 75 cm you can still comfortably sit people either side whilst creating more circulation space. The table legs are also placed very close to the tables corners, maximising the space for chairs to sit underneath. A robust plywood tabletop is combined with solid wood legs to create a flat-packed table that can be shipped worldwide and suits many interior environments.


Mags Soft 3 Seater Sofa (Low Armrest)

Also available to test is the HAY Mags Soft Sofa. Rounded edges and soft cushions create an inviting and relaxed aesthetic. Retaining the same strong aesthetic presence as its firmer, more pared back sibling (the original Mags Sofa), this version takes on a more fluid, poetic silhouette - best suited to the home environment. Its modular construction allows you to create any sofa shape or size to fit the exacting requirements of your space.


Frama Library Shelf

Throughout the showroom we have installed various shelving systems to demonstrate the myriad of possibilities available to store and display your treasured possessions. We in turn have used the shelves to show some of our favourite small objects. Pictured above is the Eames Walnut House Bird, Herringbone Trees, Wooden Dolls by Vitra and the Stop Bookend by e15 displayed on a Frama Library Shelf System in solid white oiled oak.

Below is a typical String shelving arrangement using White 200 x 30 cm Floor Panels paired with Ash Shelves and a Work Desk. String is our most popular storage solution and has options to suit every room of the house. You can now also use String in the garden/outdoor environment with their new galvanised products. The original wood finish choices have been expanded and the range of metalwork finishes also continues to grow. Come and visit our showroom and we can show you swatches of each option available. One of the key advantages of String is how simple it is to install - The below configuration is put up with just four screws, which we will happily talk you through step-by-step.

 String Workdesk

Tala Voronoi III Pendant and HAY Bon Bon Pendant

Muuto Fiber Armchair

A steel tensile wire runs across our showroom to display a changing selection of pendant lights. This currently includes a Tala Voronoi III LED bulb, the new HAY Bon Bon lamp in 'Earth Tones' and a Muuto Fluid Pendant. The Bon Bon lamp is a design that can only really be appreciated in person. New York-based designer Ana Kraš’ Bonbon Lamps are handmade works of art, produced from hand-woven yarn that has been wrapped around a steel frame. With its fields of shifting colour, it is a compelling design object when the light is turned off and maintains a distinctly different aesthetic profile when illuminated.


Conpot Planters

Menu Bottle Grinders

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