Ukraine Statement

Update: 21.07.22

Really Well Made customers have donated £575.71 by adding either 1,2 or 3% to their orders over the past few months. We have doubled the money raised and together we have now donated £1,151.42 to the British Red Cross with reference ICCB01434628.

Thank you so much for your generosity, we have no doubt that this money will really help some unfortunate people in the worst situations imaginable. We are now closing the donations section at our checkout, but the plight of the Ukrainian people is forever in our minds. If you would like to donate to the British Red Cross directly, there is a link below. This webpage will remain and we welcome any comments you may have. Please contact us at


Dear Customer,

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation in early 2022 has given many of us much to think about. As Vladimir Putin's regime brings terror and heartbreak to millions of people across Europe, it feels like an overwhelmingly sad and helpless situation we have no control over. As a micro business we will have little impact on a global situation, but as with all things... collectively we have the power to affect change for the good. Up to this point our ethics focus has primarily been on what we can do to reduce our environmental impact, which you can read more about here. Whilst recent events do not supplant the necessary environmental changes we need to make with how we consume goods, it is also apparent that the question of how this consumption can affect human lives needs addressing more than ever.

As a first step we will be gradually making our way through the extensive collection of products we offer online and we will be adding the 'country of origin' for each of them. The country of origin is where the majority of the product is either made or constructed. We will simply say 'Made in: ......'. The idea behind this is to give you the consumer greater knowledge of where your product comes from. Hopefully with this more transparent approach it will allow you to make more informed purchasing decisions. It is unfortunately almost impossible to avoid purchasing certain types of products from autocratic states, but often there are alternatives to consider. Whilst we implement this (it will take quite some time) please do feel free to contact us if you would like to know more details about where or how anything we offer is created. For our part we will be striving harder than ever to present to you products sourced from friendly European countries made from ethically sourced raw materials. As a side note we don't believe that we currently offer any products produced in Russia.

Until further notice we have stopped exporting or importing any goods to and from Russia. Unfortunately it is also no longer possible to import goods from Ukraine while the war continues, this will begin to create supply chain issues for some our brands. Where customer orders are affected we will contact you and keep you updated with new predicted production timelines. We are pleased to say that our brands which produce goods in Ukraine are supporting their factories by not switching suppliers. This means that when the war is over Ukrainians will have jobs to return to. Of course this is under constant review and if there appears to be no end to the conflict, then alternative suppliers will need to be found, even if only for a temporary basis.

Directly addressing the war in Ukraine we have set up a donations area on our checkout page. We are partnering with the British Red Cross Crisis appeal for Ukraine to raise funds and provide food, water, medical care and shelter for people in desperate need. Click here to find out more about what the Red Cross is doing. Every donation made by our customers will be matched by Really Well Made and we will send double your gifted amount to the charity.


Thank you for your kind support as we adjust to this situation.

Warm regards,

Lewis and Clare Mitchell
Really Well Made Co-Founders


Article written on 16.03.22.