Collection: Kähler

The story of Kähler began in 1839, when the Holstein potter Herman J. Kähler opened a a little pottery workshop in the city of Næstved. However, it was not until his son, Herman A. Kähler, took over the workshop in 1875 that the ceramics adventure gathered speed. With production of international art ceramics, the foundation was laid for one of the great success stories in Danish ceramics. 

The historic Kähler workshop has been a meeting place for many of the very greatest Danish artists for over 175 years. The experiences of craftsmen such as Thorvald Bindesbøll, Svend Hammershøi and Kai Nielsen have been passed down from generation to generation, providing technique and mastery using the versatile moulding potential of clay. Today Kähler continues to be at the cutting edge of Danish ceramic art collaborating with modern influencers like Anders Arhoj.