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Make shopping for String easy by choosing a predesigned combination for your Hallway space. These combinations will take care of all your everyday items such as jackets, bags and shoes, improving organisation and keeping your floor free of clutter. Shop this page for a large selection of set arrangements; you will be supplied with all the parts required to create the combinations as shown. If you would like something more bespoke please get in touch for advice and a quote.

'System' by String is a modular and adaptable shelving system that simultaneously serves as a shelving, work and storage solution. The system encourages creativity in spaces of all sizes, by providing an unlimited number of options that can be quickly and easily changed however you wish. The system can either stand out or blend into the wall depending on the finishes you choose.

Please contact us if you need some help with your selection. String have their own 'build your own' software to help you configure the perfect set-up - click here to be taken to

String Hallway Combinations

String Hallway Combinations

by String